New Friends Cruises will make every effort possible to help you find a compatible cabin mate if needed. First we will have you complete a personal profile and get the most obvious issues under control. And before you do that, here are a few things for you to think about. 


1.   Gender: We only match cabin mates of the same gender. Sorry!

2.   Age: We will match you with someone as close to your age as possible.

3.   Ethnic: If this is an issue please inform us up front.

4.   Smoker:  Smokers and non smokers.

5.   Snoring:  Non snorer - I purr like a kitty - My snoring is picked up by the ships radar!

6.   Alcohol:  A tea totaler - A social drinker - I need help finding my cabin.

7.   Sleep habits: An early bird - A night owls - Light sleeper - Heavy sleeper.

8.   We will supply those single guests needing assistance in finding a cabin mate with a list of people that best

       match their profile.


 And the most important element of being a good cabin mate starts with you and your ability to communicate.  Remember that the quality of your life is equal to the quality of your communications.


After you have booked your cruise and fill out your cabin mate profile we will offer you a list of people that you can email or call. This is a good time to start communicating with potential cabin mates. 

What should we talk about? Start with the subject of limited space in your cabin for cloths, shoes, accessories, and all that stuff you are planning on bring aboard to turn yourself into the most stunning creature that ever pranced down the promenade deck. My thought is this: What you can fit into a 26x18x12 suitcase and one small makeup case is all you will need for a seven day cruise. Also a well packed 26x18x12 suitcase will just about max out your 50 pound requirements on any flight.  

Next, decide on a schedule for bathing and bathroom times. Come to an agreement as to when the bathroom will be exclusively reserved for each of you. and stick to your decisions! 

Cabin entertaining can be a sticky issue. If your cabin mate plans on inviting members of the opposite sex to your quarters, or is planning on using your bunk to smuggle home a dolphin…both of you will need to come up with a creative strategy. If you fail to talk about these subjects before hand you may return to your cabin and find a do-not-disturb sign swing from door knob or the possibility of snuggling up next to Flipper. If this happens to you, sleeping under the stars will take on a whole new meaning and although a deck lounge is great for tanning it makes for a poor bunk. Also, if you happen to over sleep on deck you could receive some strange looks when other guests find you sunbathing in your evening gown. 

And one more concern to think about is cabin charges. Make sure the $47 charge for the bottled water your cabin mate consumed, doesn’t end up on your bill.

Remember that the more you communicate about potential issues the better the chances will be that those unpleasant issues will not put a damper on your cruise vacation.  

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